Avoiding Unfortunate Situations: Autism and Law Enforcement” By Dennis Debbaudt

This handout can be helpful both for law enforcement officials and for useful guidance on how to interact with individuals on the spectrum during an emergency situation.

Contact and Emergency Information to Carry in Pocket” By Gerald Hasselbrink

Blank form to fill out for yourself and your loved one.

Autism Information Cards” By┬áHANDS in Autism

Wallet sized information cards that briefly explain autism to others.

The Fire Safety Story” By The National Fire Protection Agency

A customized social story about fire safety and creating a fire safety plan that can be designed specifically for your child with autism. The flip book can be viewed online or printed to be used over and over again.

Emergency Information for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders” By American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

A blank emergency information sheet with all of your child’s information for sitters or for emergency situations.