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Community Safety

Best Practices for Autism during Emergencies” By Kevin Kupietz

Teaching first responders about autism and teaching individuals with autism how to respond in emergency situations.

Increase Autism Awareness and Make Your Community Safer for Your Kids” By Dennis Debbaudt

An article written for the OAR newsletter, Dennis, a law enforcement consultant discusses how to keep a child with autism safe in the community through help from law enforcement officials.

Fire Alarms and at Risk Populations” By The Fire Protection Research Population

A project summary of how first responders are working with individuals with ASD and individuals with other noise sensitivities to create better fire alarms that our sensitive to their needs.

Why first responders need to prepare for people with developmental disabilities”  By Lisa Braxton

An article about the importance of fire safety training and how to conduct an effective fire safety training session for individuals with disabilities.

Children with Autism and Fire Drills and Fire Alarms” By David A. Cohen

David Cohen conducted a study to create an educational program to assist children with autism in emergency situations with fire alarms.

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Online Safety 

Internet Safety for Teens with ASD” By Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (CSESA)

This resource provides summaries of online rules and tips to keep your child safe on the internet.

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Water Safety

Water Safety: The Ultimate Life Skill” By Jim Ball

Dr. Ball’s article on water safety for the Autism Asperger’s Digest details different approaches to water safety, especially during the summer season.

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Wandering and Elopement

When They Wander or Run Away” By Shelly Allred, Pathfinders for Autism

This article discusses how to handle children who wander and how to set up safety precautions in case they get away.

Managing Wandering for People With Autism” By Irene van der Zande

The founder of KidPower, Irene gives insight into wandering studies and how to prevent and avoid wandering.

Autism & Wandering” By Dennis Debbaudt and AWAARE

A brochure about keeping children with autism who wander safe.

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